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Welcome to Nature farm.

The areas of Cheongdo, Mungyeong, and Sangju are Korea's top producers of persimmons.Due to the vast temperature difference between day and night. these areas produce persimmons with high sugar content, making the quality of these persimmons so good that they were served the Kings of Korea back in Old times.

In addition, only Cheongdo produces seedless half-dried persimmons, and therefore the area is developing many persimmon-processed products using half-dried persimmons. Nature Farm plans to produce more quality products using dried persimmons, half-dried persimmons. and dried persimmon strips, Which are produced in the Gyeongbuk region.

We will make every effort to honestly and reliably produce persimmon products together with the local farmers of Cheongdo. Mungyeong. and Sangju regions.Thank you very much

Jeong-su Ye